We Wanted Access to the Internet

When I moved my family halfway across the country, I knew it was going to be hard on them. I almost didn’t do it, but the job offer was just too incredible to pass up. I still did not feel good about taking my wife and kids away from family and friends, but they have all been so supportive since I was given the job offer. I think a good reason for that is because we knew we were going to have Frontier Internet installed just as soon as the moving truck parked in the driveway. Well, maybe not just as soon, but it would be within the first few days of our arrival there.

The kids all have smartphones, so they are able to keep up with their friends by texting. My wife would also be able to keep in touch with her sister just like she always did at home. We still wanted to have Internet as soon as possible though because it is just easier for certain things, like group video chats. We are all very close with our family, so we wanted to be able to do video chats with them just as much as they wanted them with us.

It was more than just to keep up with family and friends though. My boys love spending time online. They are usually learning one thing or another. They do game a bit, but it is not often at all, so I don’t mind them being online as much as they are. My wife will also be able to continue streaming the TV shows that she likes to watch. There is something that we all like to do while online, so I am just happy that we were able to get everything up and running with Frontier Internet. The move was definitely easier than I expected!

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How Mowing a Few Lawns As a Kid Turned into a Business with Four Added Employees

When I started my lawn mowing business as a teenager, I never thought I would be hiring someone as a subcontractor to help me. There was a kid a few blocks over that I did not know well who could fix mowers and trimmers and liked working outside. I had too many lawns to mow one day, so I asked him to help. I paid him out of my cut. This turned into regular thing. The next thing I know I am making out paycheck stubs for him and sending in withholding to the government because he became my employee.

I had to get insurance and everything. At least I did not have to register my business name as it was just my name along with the word “landscaping.” It used to be my name with “mowing service.” Over the years I bought professional equipment. I started out with two used push mowers, and now have a truck, trailer and commercial mowing equipment. The kid I hired back then still works for me, but we are more like partners in business. He does not want anything to do with the office side of the work, so I don’t bother him with that. I still fill out his weekly paycheck stubs for him, but he is making a lot more money now than when we were both 15. I am amazed that we both can earn a living wage along with the other two guys we have working with us now.

I never planned on starting a permanent business. I just wanted extra money for things when I was in school. I went to college online, as I did not want to give up my business that was earning me a decent living. We mostly do mowing and trimming for commercial places, and we do mulching and replanting of commercial planting beds. We have a few residential customers, but the steady money is in the commercial jobs.

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We Hope Our Stay Here is Quite Long

I was on the fence on whether I wanted to look at luxury apartments in Dallas uptown or look at houses that are just a little further out. Cost was not a factor because my husband has a really good job, and I knew that we would be able to afford either one. If we got a house, it would give us more stability as far as settling down, but if we got a luxury apartment, it would give us more freedom if better offers came up in the future for either one of us.

It did not take me long to know that a luxury apartment would be the best thing for us. If I was already wondering what we would do if a better offer comes up, then I knew that we had to be prepared to take it. Living in an apartment would make that a lot easier. It was very easy to find a nice luxury apartment that my husband and I both like too. We did get a two bedroom apartment even though it is just the two of us because we like a lot of room.

The apartment that we picked out is superb. It has everything we could want, including granite countertops, a garden tub, a private patio, several ceiling fans, a kitchen pantry and so much more. One of my favorite things is the nine foot ceilings, and my husband loves that the doors are nearly as tall. We also have all of the appliances that we need here, including the washer and dryer, which just makes things so much more convenient for us. Those are just the things on the inside of the apartment too. There are so many nice things outside on the property grounds that we are actually hoping our stay here is quite long!

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My Family is Enjoying Our New Place to Live in Bluffdale, Utah

I have to admit that I was used to being surrounded by lots of trees where we used to live, but the residential area we moved to in Utah was all new. The trees that have been planted will take some time to grow big and strong. The nice thing about the Bluffdale UT apartments where we rent is that they are all new. We have a big place that is affordable to us. I enjoy sitting out on our balcony and having dinner with my wife and children. We grill out on our balcony and have a comfortable outdoor sitting area and table. We are outdoorsy folks, and we like to take a long bike ride before dinner every chance we get.

My wife and I have pro mountain bikes, and we bought smaller versions for the kids. They are just now getting the strength and endurance to really get out there and ride. I am very impressed with them. They do not want to just sit on the couch and play video games. They will ask me to get ready to ride even when I do not want to go out in the rain. My wife likes riding in the rain and so do the kids. I’m not much a fan of it. However, I go because it is good for us. We really enjoy having an apartment where both kids have their own rooms and bathrooms. We got a four-bedroom apartment with three bathrooms. No more conflicts getting ready in the mornings. Everyone can be on their own schedule. Well, my wife and I still have a few conflicts over our bathroom.

We really like our place. The rooms are big, and the kitchen is really nice. We have nice brand new black appliances with really pretty granite countertops. There is a really long and open countertop against the wall where the sink is at. We have plenty of room for our appliances to be left out and plugged in without it looking cluttered. We do most of our food prep to the right of the sink and at the island in front of the sink. We have plenty of closet space, and we enjoy swimming in the pool at the apartment complex.

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I Just Moved to Maryland

I got the job thanks to a friend of mine from college. I am working as a government contractor in the area around Silver Spring, MD. In fact the whole thing has gone really smoothly for me, although Jack obviously had his reasons for getting me up here. He used to have a roommate at a two bedroom Silver Spring MD apartments, but the guy took off and went to live with his girl. There was not anything that he could do about it, but that did not mean that he wanted to pay all of the rent himself. So he got me a job and obviously he found me a place to stay. I looked around first, but this is a great deal for me. It is really expensive to find a decent place to live up here. This place is quite perfect to be honest. It is about ten minutes drive to work and Jack drives me. Of course it does me no good to drive since I have to wait a couple of years to get a parking place.

The big thing is that this is a really big operation and so there are all sorts of opportunities. Jack has already moved up and he knows that I am just as good at code as he is. I have decided to really dig in on this stuff now, but there is a limit to what I can do until they finish snooping into my background. This is the sort of thing where you have to have a security clearance if you want to do the real work. If you do not have one, then this is pretty much a dead end as far as I am concerned. Of course there is not any reason I would not pass the security clearance.

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Getting the Word out About My Company in a Big Way is My Goal

Word of mouth really helped the business that I own. But in being a small company in a town where very few people live was not doing the business any favors. I needed a way to reach out to more people in a way that would help us to become memorable. I’ve tried a variety of different things, and it really seemed like video production would be a very large part in helping with that. I needed a way to get the message across as to what we offer and why we are interested in serving customers.

I know that it is important to work with people who are really good at what they do. I couldn’t just take my requests to any company that makes videos and commercials. I needed to find out which company could make something for me that would get people talking and maybe even go viral. This meant that I wanted to take my time looking for a company that could do this in any part of the US. I figured the wider that I cast my net with research, the better chance I would have at finding the company that could do it.

I ended up teaming up with a company in the next state that has a fantastic track record for creating videos for several major companies. I may be a small fish in a big pond, but I really enjoy knowing that the same company that serves some of our country’s largest businesses is helping me create buzz about my very own business. I don’t know that I ever want to be the owner of a company that serves millions of people, but I do know that I want to grow beyond the numbers that we have now. This new video company has promised to help me with that.

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IRS Back Taxes Offer in Compromise Requirements

Due to the fact that I am self-employed and get taxed differently than if I were to make the same amount of money, and be employed by a company or business. It doesn’t really matter what deductions or such that I have on my taxes, past a certain point, and the result is that I always have to pay at least 15% on my income, even though I don’t make much money. I am trying to learn more about the offer in compromise system with the IRS when it comes to settling back tax debts, because given that I stopped paying on my payment plan, and just filed taxes again, I currently owe quite a bit of tax money to the IRS, and there is no way that I would be able to pay, without ruining my credit and not paying any of my other bills.

Of course, that would probably lead to losing my house, or something equally bad. I really can’t risk losing my house, so I really hope that the IRS will be willing to work with me. To make matters worse, I have also been penalized the last few years for not paying my taxes on a quarterly basis as I earn money. It is not really acceptable to the government for someone who is self-employed to wait until next year and file taxes like everyone else. That is partially because a person who is self-employed technically is running a business, and hence the fact that I have to file a Class C for my income taxes every year. It is kind of a pain in the butt, but I really like being my own employer. I have just got into trouble because I have made less money than in the past, so hopefully I can settle my debt for less than I owe.

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Great Rates for Quality Transcription

I had some audio that I needed to have transcribed. I had never needed this done before, so I was not sure which company to go with. I looked at a few different ones when I did a search for reliable and quick transcription companies, but there was just one I was comfortable with. It was not just because they had extremely reasonable transcription rates either! What I liked about them is that they don’t take shortcuts, even though time is money in this business as well. That was a nice feature, but I liked something else even more.

This company does not simply have someone transcribe an audio or video file and then send it to the client. Instead, once the transcription is done, it is looked at by a transcript editor to ensure that it is correct the first time. I also like that they don’t outsource their work. I noticed a few other transcription services offered incredibly low prices. I could not figure this out until I realized that they are not using transcriptionists that are in the United States. That also made me really value that final editing that gets done too.

Just because the workers all speak native English, this company does not let that stop them from making sure the client gets exactly what he is paying for. That is why there is a transcript editor. I also like that the turnaround is quick, no matter the time or day that the company gets the files that need transcribed. I thought that it could take days because I was giving them the files on a Thursday. I knew that it would take at least a couple of days, then I thought that I would have to wait until Monday to get them. I was wrong on both counts. It only took them a day, but if it would have taken two, I would have been able to get my transcribed files that Saturday!

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The Difficulties of Being a Parent

New parents are not entirely human. They’re more like parentbots who are doing their very best in coping with having a new baby in the house. A baby who doesn’t care in the slightest about the parent’s need for sleep. The lack of sleep takes a lot out of these new parents until they’re stumbling along during the day and at night, well, they seem to function at a half-asleep state. My sister was like this which is how I came to be looking for the best baby monitor to help her get more sleep during the night so she could function better in the day. It doesn’t do for a new mother to fall asleep while feeding her baby, which had happened multiple times already! During the night she would run into the nursery at any cry, believing something awful must be happening to her child. With the monitor she was finally able to reassure herself that nothing horrible was happening within.

It’s amazing that the parents make to their child’s adulthood, much less the child itself. It’s far more important for an adult to get the sleep that they need due to the cocktail of stresses that they’re coping with on a day to day basis. I cannot imagine what it must be like for them to get so little sleep while being dependent upon so heavily. I can only look at my sister with admiration – some, anyway. The other part of me looks at her like she’s completely insane. Kids are kind fo cool and all but they’re definitely not going to be for me anytime soon. If ever. I don’t want to put my body or my mind through the pressures that she so clearly has been going through; it doesn’t seem quite right to me.

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